We've got you covered coast to coast

Welcome to Elite Flyers. Home to pilots that love to fly using FS2004.

Elite Flyers TeamSpeak and FsHost Server Rules

  1. Make sure you have teamspeak set for PTT (push-to-talk).
  2. No foul language. There is a thin line between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. You are responsible for your own actions here.
  3. Your in game nickname AND TeamSpeak name MUST be identical. 
    • Please append a tail number to your nickname. (Example: 'Your-Nickname'<N1234R>).
  4. No "guest" names.
  5. No tags from other VA's (Virtual Airlines). Only those VA's that are affiliated with Elite Flyers may be displayed.
  6. Respect other players in the game.
  7. Do NOT run into other players. The pilots may be running FSPassengers and you will cause them to crash. We will not tolerate this here whatsoever.
  8. No flooding the teamspeak.